need help re BIOS settings so cmptr will recognize the d drive...

By pdcoffey
Dec 27, 2005
  1. a while back i and an online 'tech' tried to install xp pro on my dell gx1. after determining the local (c) drive was too small. i got back to 98 SE which was installed on the system. now the cmptr wont recognize the cd rom. it does not appear in 'my computer', just the diskette and local drive. no d drive icon. In device manager, cd rom controllers are there next to a MINUS not plus sign and but there is a yellow exclamation point over 'sony proprietary CD rom controller' I think what my problem is is that the BIOS setting are at issue and not recognizing/acknowledging the cd rom drive. this 'tech' had me changing and rechanging BIOS settings and i think the CD drive was turned off there...anyone know where i go in BIOS to reset settings or get the cmptr to acknowledge the cd rom drive??? BIOS version i AO7, windows 98SE...
  2. iss

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    If the bios didnt detect the drive then it wouldnt be showing up in device manager at all. it sounds like you "upgraded" to XP over and installation or 98 instead fo doing a clean install of XP. so when you rolled back to 98 what you have now is file corruption. your best option would be to reinstall 98 fresh.

    but you could try deleting the IDE channel the drive is on in device manager and reboot. windows would automatically reinstall the IDE channel and the drive. which MIGHT correct the problem.
  3. 2old

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    OUCH - I had the same experience but n my case the 'tech' was me...

    took it to a repair shop - $35 later all fixed. (this was in oz 2005)
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