Need help remembering an old RTS game

By WhiteGhost
Mar 7, 2010
  1. I also remember playing an old RTS between 1990-2000, but the name escapes me. The layout was like this. The main command center is what built everything. It had a wolfs head on the front. When you instructed the command center to move to a location, it would compact itself a little and move. Once the destination was reached, it returned to its normal self. I believe that the main resource in the game was oil. There was a unit that had a sort of extraction needle mounted in its back end. On the ground, there were certain oil well like openings that the resource gatherer moved to and from. When gathering (oil i guess) the needle pumped up and down when done, the gatherer returned to the command center and injected its load then returned for more. The units that were built came directly from the command center. When a unit was finished being built, the command center sort of stood up and the newly built unit rolled out ready to go. Some of the built units could benefit others. For instance, one unit resembled the shape of a round command center looking building however it had a defence weapon mounted on an arm coming out its side. there were different types of these units like: shield, stealth. The unit could hover over ground until it was told to land, when the unit landed, the ability that it granted was activated. Units with a shield like crystal became shielded, and units with a stealth crystal became cloaked. This game i know exists, but I have been unable to identify it for such a long time, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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