Need help to link two router within one network, and two dhcp server?

By biotank
Dec 6, 2010
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  1. here is what happen, I am using internet and tv from the service provider, so they send me a new router which handle internet traffic and TV traffic, but since it already doing so much the technician told me not to enable the wireless function, else it might crash often.

    so I have two router now,
    router A handles TV and Internet (PS3 and A labtop)
    router B handles wired and wireless internet ( I have it MAC enable, so ppl won't be able to access my wireless network from outside)

    how should I setup so PS3 can access movies from computers behind router B ?

    EDIT: I tried to make them within the same subnet

    router A : (DHCP 65-99)
    router B : (DHCP 100-120)

    when I connect router A with B by connect ethernet cable by LAN, Router A is able to ping a computer behind router A, but the computer can't ping router A.

    and computers behind router B has no access to internet, but is able to log into the router B setup page.
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    Please use edit rather than create another post. :)
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    ASSUMING A is attached to the modem+ISP connection, wire it like this:
    notice: routerB wan side is left empty
    disable DHCP in routerB and let A control all asignments
    setup B for the WiFI (think you understand that already)

    Systems attaching to B (wired or wireless) will get
    addresses from A
    and the DNS settings from A too

    All A systems will ping B and all B will ping A
    Systems on B can file/print share with A or B

    port forwarding (if required) is done on A

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