Wifi connected but no access to internet

After Changing provider for a better deal :D
ive had two major issues with wifi ! ( I kept my old router Asus Dual band gigabit wifi router)
Some apps on my cell phone work and some dont using the wifi example (crunchroll will load in but videos just keep buffing) , but take this phone anywhere else or use 4g and theres no problem loading the apps.
my TV will connect to the wifi but there is no access to the internet.....

this is all in my room (5 meters away from the router) which on the other hand if my pc connects to the wifi I have no problems at all.

After hard resseting my phone and the tv still the same problem.
reset the router to many times, even hard reset many times
Called my new provider about the problem but everything looks ok on there end they tell me.

im a little lost , router settings are all default, tried looking online for hours on end and cant find any problem like this with answers

so im hoping someone might have an idea of what could be going on, im locked in a 1 year contract so I cant go back to my old provider.. :(


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On the couple of occasions that I've changed internet provider there has been a new router supplied as part of the package. That way you know that the most suitable kit is in use.


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It sounds like it could be a DNS issue.
Try setting a DNS server manually on the devices or the router to see if it fixes the issue.
An example could be and for Google's DNS.

Some service providers have different or bad routing and it could just be a case of the ISP's fault. I've seen issues with IPv6 routing, so you can also try disabling IPv6 in your router.

Some sites also block IP ranges as well, and that can also be bypassed with a VPN.

Mark Fuller

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Open the command prompt or windows power shell and use this command. Ipconfig /flushdns at the flashing cursor. This flushes the dns resolver cashe.