Need help with Acronis True Image settings

By Jskid
Apr 21, 2013
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  1. I found that doing an incremental backup every week is over kill. I tried adding a bunch of stuff to the exclusion list but there's so much junk I don't want to backup and don't even know where it is, I mean why backup the browsers' cache? Is there any way to select certain files to backup on a regular basis in True Image 2013? For example I would like to have my journal.docx file backed up every week.
  2. bobcat

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    If you just want to back up certain files and not a bootable system, you can use a simple tool like AllwaySync

    It’s free for private use, though that only allows limited amounts of data. The pro version has no such limit.

    One approach would be to do a full backup with Acronis every month and backup of your data files once a week in between.
  3. jobeard

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    Try the differential option over incremental - - it captures only changes since the last full backup resulting in a set of recover CDs of the full backup + only the last differential.

    I second the nomination by bobcat for AllwaySync. I used that for migrating my files from XP to Win/7.
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