Need help with hard drive (might have purchased the wrong one)

By sarahloggin
Jun 4, 2006
  1. Hi, I've posted before and got some good feedbacks. In short, my laptop's hard drive died so I was looking for a replacement. I was supposed to get one with ata-6. I recently purchased one on ebay but noticed that it says ultra ata/100 and now I'm wondering if I purchased the wrong one. But the same item on newegg, it clearly says ata-6. So my question is if these two terms (ultra ata/100 and ata-6) are used interchangeably and thus the same. Or did I mess up by buying the wrong item?

    These items have the same model number.
    This one here on Ebay
    has ultra ata/100 but
    this one on newegg
    says ata 6.

    Doesn't that mean they are the same thing?
  2. Tedster

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    no. They're not interchangable. One is faster than the other. However, it is backwards compatible. How old is your laptop? ATA format goes to 133 top speed.
  3. sarahloggin

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  4. korrupt

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    Ata 6 and 100 are not the same, check if it is compatible before installing it. Wouldnt wanna put a uncompatible hard drive in since it may damage the pc.


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