Need help with MSN webcam

By Demonhunter127
Jun 4, 2010
  1. Ive had this problem for months, ive gone to every site, looked at every techies answere and tried it all, ive un installed an re installed msn, ive repaired msn, ive tried different versions of msn, ive messed around with settings, restarted the comp, un plugged the webcam, checked the webcam and yes it works. Ive done absolutely everything. And it will. Not. Show. Heres how it works, at first i dont have the little webcam picture in the bottem left below my portrait, so i go to the top and click video and then video call. It works for the other person but my screen comes up with a red x. At this point i now have a little web cam below my portain, but it only alows me to make more video calls, there is, and hasn't been, a "show webcam" option like there should have been. The only thing i can think of is to get a new webcam cause i lost the instalation disc to re install mine. I think re installing the webcam the only thing i havent done. Please help.... Thanks.
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    You can probably find the installation software online (and might even be more recent then what was on the CD you lost). Just go to the mfr website and look under support for your product to find its downloads. If it's a Microsoft cam start here
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