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Dec 11, 2009
  1. I have a very old Compaq Presario 2800 that I need to get up and running just as an internet terminal. Specs: Intel 1.4Ghz Celeron, 512 MB Ram, ATI Mobility 7500 Video, 20 Gig HD. I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on it and I need several tips. First it is very sluggish. Should I try another distro or can I optimize this one to work better? Where do I go to to check that I have drivers for all the sub-systems (graphics, wireless, sound, etc)? I have to manually install the wireless drivers everytime I start the system, how do I get these to autoload (see this article on how I did it).
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    ubuntu is not known for being particularly lightweight. you may want to try another distro on a computer like that. there are so many, it becomes hard to choose. have a look at puppy linux. or arch linux for super lightweights. or even TinyMe. drivers etc can be a headache...
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    I am totally ignorant about Linux. So I just browse different forums to learn. But vocabularies here are like hieroglyphics to me. Any easy links?
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    probably the best way to get into linux is to just start using it.

    there must be hundreds of different variants out there, called distributions. somehow you have to pick one and try it out. the one you pick should have a good support base. not knowing anything, which one do you pick? not easy!

    you'll pick up the linux "talk" as you go.

    here you can take a test to see which distro might suit you:

    some of the more popular distros:

    more detail about the different distros here

    distrowatch is a great site for linux info

    remember discussing linux distros is a bit like discussing politics or religion!

    most distros have a downloadable "live cd" which means you can try it out without installing it on your computer.

    if you are a bit adventurous you can run most distros as virtual machines from another operating system.

    of course it depends how much time you have :)

    i started with ubuntu which is very accessible, stable, friendly, easy step from windows, good community, quite cutting edge. updates about every 6 months. good availability of drivers for most hardware devices

    debian is a nice distro, more conservative but very stable. ubuntu is really a child of debian

    fedora and opensuse are very popular - still to try those - they belong to different families from the debian derivatives

    when you have some experience, there are others like arch or gentoo which are sort of like kitset distros,,,you start with a very basic system and then add components as you like
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