Netbt corruption

  1. Hi, and thanks to all the kind people who are willing to help me.

    Basically, here's my issue, with exception to the Steve Gibson bit, this is basically my problem, word for word.

    http : // www . techspot . com /vb/topic9007. html

    With DHCP and TCP/IP won't start due to error 1075: the dependency service does not exist of has been marked for deletion...the event veiwer error claims "(Service in question) depends on the fallowing nonexistent service: NetBT

    It was present in my system32 file folder when I when looking for it, but in case it was corrupted I coppied it from a good computer.

    It doesn't show up in everything from device manager to services under administrative tools.

    In trying this person's solution, It was not listed under registry editor, but there was a .netbt

    As in like, a dot (.) in front of it.... and that's really all I know.

    I've been working on this since November and I feel so close, but now I'm stuck. I mean I have tried so much I can't remember half of it.

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