Netflix secures rights to a fourth 'Beverly Hills Cop' movie starring Eddie Murphy

Shawn Knight

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Axel Foley is making a return. Netflix has reportedly signed a one-time licensing deal with Paramount to develop a fourth movie in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, Deadline reports.

The project will involve Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer, who served as lead actor and producer on the first two films, respectively (Murphy reprised his role as Foley in the franchise’s third installment but Bruckheimer didn’t participate).

Netflix reportedly has an option for a second film as well, should it choose to exercise it.

The original Beverly Hills Cop hit theaters in the winter of 1984 and generated $234 million at the box office, making it the year’s highest-grossing film in the US. A sequel arrived in 1987 and although it wasn’t as successful as the first, it still made plenty of money and was even nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award. The series’ third film, however, only grossed $42 million domestically and is considered by most to be the weakest of the three.

Bringing back a classic is always risky as many would agree with the notion of leaving well enough alone. Then again, not all refreshes are terrible. Netflix did a respectable job with Fuller House and YouTube really impressed with Cobra Kai, its continuation of The Karate Kid saga.

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TS Evangelist
No thanks that franchise is done.

They already tried to milk it after the second movie and the rest were crap like straight to VHS type movies.

Leave it Alone and bring some Original Ideas these fat cats in Hollywood make too much money to rehashing old movies.


TS Guru
Too many cop-action-comedy movie spinoffs came out already and the genre has been beaten to death, that it would be almost impossible for BHC 4 to bring out anything groundbreaking anymore within it's premise.