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Netflix to delay new movie releases by 28 days

By Matthew ยท 53 replies
Jan 6, 2010
  1. kylehboc

    kylehboc TS Rookie

    The principal remains the same, if you are paying money for a service.Then that service needs to be able to meet your demands. Delaying movies, no matter how you slice it....is and will always be a horrible business decision.If that means you can't rent Warner bros movies, oh well... they got enough money anyway screw them...better studios out there anyway.
  2. This whole movie thing is going the wrong direction. Personally, I *NEVER* watch a movie at a theater. Netflix could strip their service down to the bare minimum and I'd still subscribe just to avoid having to overpay to watch even a great movie in an uncomfortable theater versus watching it in the comfort of my home on my home theater system. So I'll wait.

    Here is two of my typical patterns:

    1. A well-reviewed movie is released to theaters. I want to watch it so I download it even if it is poor quality (spare me the lectures). When the movie comes out on DVD or BluRay, I buy it, otherwise it's just a one-time watcher.

    2. A movie is released to theaters, but only receives mediocre reviews. I wait until Netflix gets it, watch it, and if I like it I'll buy it, otherwise it's just a one-time watcher.

    To be clear, on the same day the movie was released to theaters, if they would release it on Blu-Ray and/or DVD as well for even $30-40, I would buy it and keep things legal. But I will never...EVER...watch a movie in a theater. That's just stupid, uncomfortable, and a waste of money. I mean, what is this? The 1960's? Movie theaters are outdated. Who wants to watch a movie with a bunch of strangers who are no doubt talking, laughing, coughing, blocking your view, getting up to get more food, go to the bathroom, etc., bringing their underaged brats to an inappropriate movie, all while sitting in an uncomfortable seat in a bad position to the screen with the volume too loud, and your feet sticking to the floor because of what you hope is soda or popcorn butter. No thanks.
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,505   +2,298

    The trouble that this 30 day wait to rental is going to make for the movie studios is this; some movies are good enough to rent, but not good enough to buy. But during those 30 days, a mediocre movie will likely slip people's minds, as in the meantime, the next blockbuster is released.

    I don't know about everybody else, but I only think about watching some of these things after I run out of movies to put on my Blockbuster on Line queue.

    Oh wait, I cancelled that account.
  4. Like many people I primarily use Netflix to stream and to rent obsure, foreign or straight to DVD releases anyway. I think it would be great if they streamed EVERYTHING.

    Call me kooky but if I REALLY want to see a movie that badly, I go and watch it at the movie theater on the great big jumbo screen when it first comes out. If for some bizarre reason I am unable to watch it at the "big theater" then I go and watch it at the $1.50 discount theater. In the rare instance that I want to see a new release that is straight to DVD or foreign, I simply put it to the top of my Netflix queue and continuously receive free extra "bonus" DVDs (DVDs on top of my subscription plan allotment) until they can ship it to me. It's pretty win/win for me.

    I LOVE movies but I consider actually going out into the world and engaging in actual activities with real live people, etc. to be more a priority in my life. There is not one single movie out there that I will throw a fit over if I don't get. If you choose not to watch a movie at the movie theater and have the patience to wait for it to come out on Blu-ray/DVD in the first place, you really must NOT want to see it all that badly, and therefore, waiting an extra month will hardly kill you.

    I do, however, have mixed feelings about this deal, if only on principle. While I do have a home theatre complete with a Netflix streaming blu-ray player and the more interesting content available via streaming for me to watch when I'm tooling around the house for whatever reason, the better, I also(on principle) don't like the idea of movie studios trying to force anyone into buying their DVD or going to Blockbuster. There's just something very un-American (and likewise very American(wink.)) about it all. We are afterall (in theory) a country that believes in competition are we not?

    Still, however, positive or negative this shift is, only time will tell.

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