Netgear N300 wifi router shut off will not come back on

By CynthiaMc
Mar 20, 2016
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  1. I've had problems with this router for the past few months. I would lose internet and then it would come back. I called Netgear and they said my router is outdated and needs an upgrade. I refuse to pay $100 plus dollars. More problems since I hung up with them. Today the lights went off and will not come back on. I tried to reset and nothing. Is this fixable or just throw it away and never use Netgear again? Please help. thank you
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Using your multi-meter, test the power supply coming from the adapter (wallwart) to see if it is in specification. Then consider..

    Per Netgear:
    "If the modem router does not power on:
    1. Check your cables. • Disconnect and reconnect each cable. • See if the telephone cable connecting your DSL modem router to the wall jack is plugged into a filter. A filter is not required if you do not have telephone voice service. A filter installed where it is not needed might eliminate your ADSL signal.
    2. Power down your modem router and power it up again.
    a. Turn off the modem router.
    b. Unplug the power adapter and all other cables from the back of the modem router.
    c. Wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the cables and adapter to your modem router, and turn it on.
    d. Make sure that the Power LED is lit. If the LED is off, try plugging the power adapter into another power outlet.
    e. Wait for the LEDs to light green.
    3. Open a web browser and try to access the Internet.

    If steps 1–3 do not resolve the problem:
    4. Reset your modem router. To reset your modem router, use a pin or paper clip to press in and hold the Reset button (accessed through a small hole)."

    If you have good power and a full reset won't work, it may have suffered damage from a surge. A true tinkerer would take things apart... an ordinary human would buy another router from Amazon or NewEgg or Fry's.
  3. jobeard

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    The N300 & N600 devices work well for everyone where I've done the install, I I would not condemn them.
    Btw: Netgear is extremely reliable equipment and I've never ALLOWED anything else in the house and I have 11 devices on the lan if you count wifi connections from cellphones and iPads. I do protect all my networked devices with a UPS power backup, including the LED HDTV.

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