Netgear Rangemax 240 w/ "Next" Card

By LPDruck
Jun 13, 2006
  1. i recently bought a netgear rangemax 240 router ( seeing as it seemed to have the best range) and heard that I had to match it with a rangemax 240 wireless card to get the distance benefit... seeing as my standard G card could barely make it outside the house.

    The store i went to didnt sell the 240 card so i bought the "Next" wireless card from netgear because i figured it would be backwards compatable with the MIMO 240 and would actually be better than a 240 wireless card.

    well after installation i got good signal but could no connect to the net, i tried firmware updates, everything and now ive somewhat decided to return the Next card in place of a 240 usb reciever.

    anybody have any thoughts on this? any known problems or did what I buy should work? please help!
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    I was just thinking if it is a setting in the router that says something like connect to 240 mimo card only or something like that. Uncheck that option. I have a D-link Super G and it has a setting to connect only to Super-G cards so my Notebook which doesn't have a Super-G card, won't connect unless I turn that option off in the router. Just a thought
  3. LPDruck

    LPDruck TS Rookie Topic Starter


    i went ahead and returned the wireless card and exchanged it for the rangemax 240 usb adapter (30 dollars extra).

    i got home, hooked it up and it does the exact same thing, saying that my wireless has "limited to NO connectivity"... honestly im at a loss. my regular belgin G wireless card works perfect with the router, however my upgraded usb reciever doesnt work at all!? any solutions out there? much appreciated
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