New BitTorrent client offers truly decentralized P2P

By Emil ยท 26 replies
Dec 9, 2010
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  1. hey i actually use this client now.

    Yes it is decentralized.
    Torrent rating i have found is very reliable it works by.

    1. spam torrents will be marked as bad and therefore appear low in search results
    2. good torrents will be marked as good and therefore appear.
    3. you build a reputation bring out 1 spam torrent and all your future torrents will be low on the list.
    4. already some very reliable users.

    A downside seems to be that your download speed heavily depends on your share ratio. meaning that you have a slow start often when sharing less popular torrents.

    very good Idea I really like the layout and usability of it. very recommendable.

    we will just have to see whether this will be over run by spam.
  2. The Pirate Bay is shutting down. This is EXACTLY what original co-founder Tobias was hinting at as "better, safer, faster."
    With a centralized server that connects users with files, the owners of the domain (pirate bay) server, and service will have to endure lawsuits etc... THIS is what true bit torrent should be! The we will BE the server! The trackers will be shared and split among us! Brilliant!

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