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By TarheelFTW
Aug 18, 2009
  1. Well i just bought an ASUS CG 5270. Had it for a week. It runs really well and fast and was an affordable gaming PC.
    Well in the ASUS, in the AI Manager, under System Information, it says the computer has 4095 MB of Ram but the system came with 8 GIGs of Ram ANd Vista says that the system has 8 Gigs of ram on start up. Just wondering if the system information is wrong.
    Also i have a question about the temperature, THe temperature of the comp is usually at 40-60 degrees Celsius even when i'm not running anything. The comp has no fan for the Chassis and just has 1 for the CPU and its running at 860 RPM, the threshold in AI manager is 600. Just wondering if the temperature and Fan RPM is too high. SOmetimes i get warnings.. "abnormal Temp"
  2. raybay

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    40-60 celsius is normal...
    All of the memory should be detected. Have you checked your BIOS? Do you have the latest BIOS update?... The fact that VISTA and Asus say there are 8 GB of memory, indicates the problem may be elsewhere.
    Fans can be added. But I wonder about the memory issue... We don't know that computer. Is it a desktop or a laptop?
  3. TarheelFTW

    TarheelFTW TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's a desktop. basically theres an AI manager that comes with the comp. It shows the FAN speed, the Temperature and stuff Like that. When i go to information, it shows the manufactrurer, Motherboard, CPU, BIOS version 0206, and the RAM:4095 MB.
    The Ram when i go to System in control panels shows a ram of 8 GIG.
  4. TarheelFTW

    TarheelFTW TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also in my Task Manager the Physical Memory is 8190. The Cached is 6580 and Free is 38
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