New computer. If anyone can answer this...I'll owe you my life

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Jul 7, 2005
  1. james_k1988

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    lol glad u got it goin
  2. JimShady23

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    More problems

    After talking with her a little bit after she got the video card issue going. She said that she tried installing XP she ran into another problem wich i think is RAM related. When she went to the part after you format your drive and start coping the installation files to your HD in order to install she kept getting (file connot be found - Skip, retry, cancel errors on numberous files.

    Now luckily I have had this problem before and it turned out that it was memory related. (Switched to a differnt brand of memory and it worked fine.) and that is what I advised her to do also.

    But was just posting this to find out if there is anything else that might cause that problem.

    She is using a SATA drive and it recocnized the drive without having to install any SATA drivers at the windows installer. Maybe she has to install a driver anyways to make it work properly ? Im not too familiar with intel chipsets being and AMD man myself.

    I advised her to double check her manual to make sure on the driver issue.

    Its weird that if it is a memory issue the Kingston memory is the cause as they are a good name brand and they are reccomended by a majority of mobo makers.

    Any thoughts or suggestions let us know.
  3. Merc14

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    Tell her to try loading XP with the F6 drivers loaded. Also, make sure she has RAID disabled in BIOS.
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