New custom computer won't turn on

By diefly ยท 6 replies
Apr 20, 2008
  1. Just finished putting together my new rig yesterday and ran into a bit of trouble.
    When i plug in the power line to the power supply and turn it on, nothing happens. The only visible change is the light on the back of the PSU turns on and on the mobo you can see the Standby Power LED flash for half a second and turn off. The fans don't turn on, nothing else besides the Standby Power LED flashes.
    The specs are:
    EVGA 790i mobo
    1200 watt power supply
    EVGA 9800GX2 video card
    Armor case, can't remember the model right now, i'll look it up if necessary
    2 DVD drives
    2x 500gig harddrives
    Intel core 2 quad 45nm chip at 2.5 mghz

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as all i can think of right now is purchase a new power supply
  2. diefly

    diefly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh and 4x 1gig DDR3 ram sticks i believe they are OCZ
  3. SiMuLaCrUm

    SiMuLaCrUm TS Rookie

    Don't you just hate when this happens?

    Yeah, I would try a new power supply. You seem to have quite a bit in there, and that 1200 watt PSU probably isn't enough.
  4. diefly

    diefly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not enough? Didn't think of that. Tomorrow i'll be testing out a 1000 watt PSU just to see if i can get the mobo+cpu+video card to turn on, i'll do a little more research about how many watts i should need and get back to you
  5. diefly

    diefly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i think 1200w should be fine, maybe a faulty psu, but it could be anything im stumped
  6. Mekaonija

    Mekaonija TS Enthusiast Posts: 114

  7. diefly

    diefly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so does anyone have any suggestions as to why im only getting the blue standby led flash for half a second besides the psu, or do we think that it must be the psu?
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