New gaming PC ~700 euro budget

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Feb 26, 2011
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  2. Route44

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    I built my brother-in-law a gaming rig earlier this year utilizing the AMD hexacore 1055T with 8 gigs of G.Skill RAM. He is very, very pleased.

    As for the OS go with the Windows 7 64-bit. Yes, it runs older games.

    As for the power supply, don't go cheap. It is the backbone of all systems. There are several good psu manufacture's but I like what Corsair offers. Depending on your final build a 650 watt or 750 watt psu should do you fine.

    * There will be other contributors that regular post here that will probably answer giving excellent advice.
  3. Great1122

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    Are you sure you don't want to shop online you can get killer prices like this hexacore, and these prices probably wouldn't be available in stores, unless of course there is a sale.

    Also, everyone on techspot only recommends trustworthy websites, so there's no worry there.
    The most powerful gaming card is still the radeon hd 5970, but if your looking for a decent gaming pc I suggest looking at gtx 560 or hd 6870
    here's prices on both of them:
    gtx 560
    Radeon hd 6870

    Motherboard:asus m4a89gtd

    case:Antec 900 ultimate case

    psu:ocz 700watt

    ram:corsair 8gb

    Hard drive: Samsung f4 2tb

    Optical drive: Do you want a blu-ray drive or burner?

    Total for this build,without the optical drive/os system, and using the 6870 as the gpu, is around 734.76 euros, a little over budget but you get a very good gaming pc.

    Blu-ray drive writer: Pioneer bdr-205bk

    OS:windows 7

    Adding these two in, the total is 964.76 euros, using the 150 euro windows 7 home premium, places you can cut down is, if you can find the os cheaper that would be a good thing, and if you don't want a blu-ray writer or reader, getting a dvd drive would be much cheaper, if you don't need 8gb ram cut down to 4gb though I think 8gb is necessary for most gaming pc's,people will recommend other motherboard's that are not as expensive, so just follow them on that, and if you want to go with a lower clock amd hexacore, that'll also reduce the price.
  4. hellokitty[hk]

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  5. Ritwik7

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  6. hellokitty[hk]

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    Yeah, I knew that :(.
    It's just easier to use newegg because I'm used to their formatting; the op (if willing to order online) should look up those items at whatever dealer(s).
  7. Great1122

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    Ritwik, amazon is very similar to newegg in its pricing, just compare your parts prices to the ones I suggested, also all items besides the case and psu, I suggested were sold by amazon, so they get free shipping, so try searching on you might find better deals than me. I thought the 6870 is a good suggestion, it'll meet any expectation he has.

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