New GPU won't work

So I bought a gtx 1050,unninstalled my drivers using ddu.Installed the gpu.Fans continously spin but u hear in a delay of 2-3 seconds that some fans stops and starts again.Probably psu.So I grabbed my other psu tried with that,the same problem.I unplugged everything just the cpu and gpu,same.Everything works when I put my r7 260x,it boots up.Its the Gpu thats faulty?What can I do to fix it somehow? The specs are:xeon e5440,4gb ram,ms 7529(g31tm-p21)Idk is it the old motherboard that cant push enough or what?Help please The gpu isn't open its like brand new


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It might be the motherboard, as it has a PCI Express 1.0a x16 slot. In theory, a GeForce GTX 1050 should run on that PCIe version, but the card has a maximum power draw of 75W - which happens to be the maximum power limit of the slot too. It might a case that during boot up the GPU is pushed into its max power mode to ensure everything functions correctly, and if so, then the motherboard might not be able to provide sufficient current.

Unfortunately, GTX 1050s don't come with a power connector to bypass the power limit of a PCIe slot, so if this was the problem, then there's nothing you can do about it (other than replacing the motherboard, and the CPU/RAM of course).

The only way to discount this as being the issue is to see if a friend with a PC, that has a PCI Express 2.0 or higher slot, could test the card for you.