New mb won't boot

By SSG Sethiol
Mar 2, 2009
  1. So I built a new machine several months ago that had a pretty weird problem. I bought an EP35-ds3l board, TX650 PSU, Q6600 G0, and 2GB Corsair proseries memory. I installed it in a very old case I had sitting around the house because my good case was still in transit from overseas.
    right after I got it all installed along with a 8800GTS 640 vid card and a single HDD, I tried to power it up. Nothing. No fans attempting to spin. No lights on the motherboard. Not a single indication that it was even plugged in. I played with the front panel connectors, I played with the 24 pin connector, triple and quadruple checked that all connectors including the 8 pin CPU power, 24 pin connector was seated, power to the graphics card was connected. Still nothing.

    So I started playing with the mobo connector and with it partially installed at weird angles I could get the system to power up. It caused various issues from not fully powering up, to fragging the MBR, to full boots with no issues. Once its powered up, the system runs beautifully. No crashed, no indicators at all that there was even an issue with the system. As long and I didnt shut down, I could restart the system.

    So this past week, I finally ponied up some cash for a new motherboard figuring this was the problem. That something wasnt quite right with the motherboard. When I bought the EP35, I was in the states. Now I am in Korea. I never did get my good case, waiting for my wife to send it to me. So still running in 10 yo case. I get a new EP45, knowing that this would fix all my issues. I gut the old mobo and install the new one. Triple checking all connections before initial boot up. All is good, push the button. Nothing. Same problems as before. I had a second PSU in the room from a build I am doing for a friend, so I figure I will try a different PSU. Same problems, no power. I try his RAM. Nothing. So I build his case with my HDD. It boots, no problems what so ever. So I install my mobo in his case. It boots first time just like it should. I figure, hey maybe its a bad switch or something. SO out I go for a new case.

    You guessed it, wont boot without fidgeting with the 24 pin connector. So I swap out his memory for mine. Nothing, same issues. I install his stuff in my case. It boots great. I can get my sytem to boot, with partially plugging in the power connector and again it runs fine once its booted. I can even shut it down, as long as its not for too long or I dont flip the power switch on the back of the PSU. If I dont flip the switch on the PSU and dont let it set for more than 5 minutes, it will power up.

    So, thoughts?

    am I in the wrong section?
  2. xxdanielxx

    xxdanielxx TS Booster Posts: 1,069

    sounds like it can be a ground issue with your board and the case. Try this run your mobo barebone put the main board on a carboard as it does not static. Connect the CPU, Ram and PSU to the MOBO and fire it up if it works add item by item to see what stops it from working if nothing stops it then it is a ground issue with the case.
  3. kimsland

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    Yes, I've moved it to the correct forum ;)

    But having a Title like: "Frustration, help me out" it's amazing you got any replies :rolleyes: I've now renamed it to what I think may be better

    You didn't see this when creating a new thread?
    I bolded the important part for you ;)

    Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
    Regarding how to "Benchtest" as stated by xxdanielxx above
    And possibly more ideas too.
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