New graphics card, ideas?

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May 25, 2010
  1. CMH

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    Can't seem to find the dimensions of PCIe x16/x8 slots.

    Why not just take a look at the pic Arris put up, and see if it looks the same?
  2. CaptainRobbie

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    I bought the radeon 4850, and joy of joys, it will not fit into my case.
    When the card is psuhed down into the PCI slot, it cannot go all the way because some of the cables going into the motherboard are in the way, right next tot he slot (clever manufacturers)

    i was wondering if there were items like a PCI 16x to 16x adapter type of thing, so i could bring the graphics card out of the case via ribbons?? =/
  3. Arris

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    Does the setup look like the image in this link? Where the brown slot bottom left is your PCIe slot?
    Can the cables not be moved out of the way at all? It does look like a ridiculous place to put them.

    I've seen a few PCIe risers which adapt the slot from vertical to horizontal. Might be something that just raises it up slightly. The only problem with doing either is that the card wouldn't slight with the holes in the back of the case.

    Best bet is seeing if the cables can be moved at all, more out of the way. If they are tied together like in the image (bottom right) then you might be able to loosen them and have them come over the top of the card once its fitted. This might reduce the airflow through the case a little but shouldn't be a problem as long as the cable is long enough to still reach the motherboard.
  4. CaptainRobbie

    CaptainRobbie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    ive found a PCI slot, which has 15cm ribbon, to another PCI slot, so that should do the trick, ill be able to leave the graphics card resting at the bottom of the case, with the fan pointing upwards, or i could even leave it out of the case externally to maximise airflow, however this may risk dust build up...
  5. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Unless the card has a sleeve which covers the back of the PCB board I wouldn't sit it in the back of the case but other than that the idea should work. Personally I'd have tried to move the cables about a bit to accommodate the card if at all possible.
  6. CaptainRobbie

    CaptainRobbie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Well ive managedto hook up the Graphics card and my new PSU, and the PC is running great! :D
    however both the PSU and new card are external from the case, just on my desk, will this eman they get dusty? is there anything i can do to prevent this?

  7. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    PSU is an enclosed unit so it shouldn't matter much. To house the graphics card inside, you could look at getting a new case. First we have to verify if the motherboard you have is microATX (the image looks like its a microATX form factor, i.e. smaller than the usual standard ATX size motherboard). So if you picked up a cheap standard ATX case you could look at the possibility of mounting the motherboard away from the PCIe slot holes in the back of the case. It should still allow the outputs of the motherboard to fit in the hole in the back of the case, and allow you to somehow fix the PCIe extender ribbon thing you got, graphics card and PSU inside it. And if you ever buy new motherboard and components you can reuse the case.

    Having them outside the case probably won't mean they'll get dustier than inside, but depending on the amount of case fans and how well the air flow through the case is designed, the card might run hotter. Although if its anything like the pictures in the link I posted previously I don't think you'll see much difference at all.
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