New hard drive operating but old one shows in bios

By BrunstuckyDeb
Aug 18, 2010
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  1. My computer froze at HP screen while booting. Replaced the Seagate 7200.12 500gb model ST3500418AS hard drive with another Seagate 7200 500gb model ST3500641AS-RK. The computer now boots but the old model shows in the Bios and disk management. How do I get it to reflect the correct model?
  2. TristanAnteros

    TristanAnteros TS Rookie

    Have you tried the F5 command to reset the bios back to default? Sometimes this can happen if the HDD controller is not set to auto detect your drive. Most, if not all new mobo bios are by default set to auto detect. While in setup or bios hit the F5 key on your keyboard it will ask you to say yes hit y and the system will restart. Then go back in to check if the correct model is listed in IDE settings. If it isnt let me know and Ill tell you how to manually select auto detect. I will need to know what model of bios you have in order to do this because not all bios have settings in the same place.

    Hope this helps you
  3. BrunstuckyDeb

    BrunstuckyDeb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tried the F5 to reset and no luck. It says my Bios is revision 5.30 9/5/08


    Oh might be helpful...American Megatrends
  4. TristanAnteros

    TristanAnteros TS Rookie

    Go back into Bios setup go to the advanced tab go down to the IDE settings hit enter to go in, down to Harddisk master hit enter to go in make sure all of the settings there are set to auto use the + or - keys to toggle thru the selections as for the last setting on the page 32-bit data transfer; it being a tiny bit more efficient but not enough to notice so it is up to you whether to enable or disable this.

    Am I correct in assuming that you fear that there may be some affect on HDD usability here? Rest assured buddy there isnt it will work just fine.

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