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By Rufus17
Jul 20, 2009
  1. Hey!

    I'm new to the Forum, I'm Tara. Hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to figure which home theater audio system is best for me. I am going to have a 47 inch LCD TV and want to know any recommendations on Brands of speakers or sets. I want to spend under $500 dollars as I am fresh out of college. Thanks so much.

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    At that price range you'll be pretty much confined to getting an HTIB (Home Theater In a Box.) I'd keep an eye on or one of these other deal sites and watch for something from Onkyo, Pioneer, or Yamaha if you're in the US. There are several other decent brands - way too many to list here off the top of my head. There are also several to stay away from so further input from other uses may hopefully include those. Most HTIBs range from $300-800 and that usually includes almost everything you need to get going except your interconnects (these connect your devices like DVD Players to your probably included Receiver.) Hope that helps.
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    I have been looking at Yamaha and Onkyo... I heard LG TV's were awesome for the price and they make a good product which is why I was looking at their speakers to but I guess they aren't as good I take it in terms of speakers?! Yes, a HTIB is what I will be getting... Later down the road I will splurge but my place is small so a HTIB will provide great sound for the space. I plan on putting speakers in the walls when I buy or build a house so I will come back to you for suggestions... but that is a ways down the road... That is a few years out of grad school unless I get lucky.

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