New laptop won't connect to internet

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Mar 25, 2009
  1. Hey guys,
    just bought myself a new laptop. A dell studio (this one: The saleswoman told me that I should be able to make a connection to my regular wired internet connection. And she started to lecture me that it is nowadays standard in any pc. Well, I tried to connect it, but it doesn't connect. So is this something with vista or something with my connection?

    The specs say there is a rj45 modem in it or networkcard or something. It's called Integrated network connector 10/100/1000 LAN (RJ45) on their site. So is it my internet provider, I have a connection with a glass fiber cable, it is 50mbit up and down and with my regular desktop pc I don't have to do anything but to plug in the cable and I have instantly connection, so I don't have to dial something or even enter a password or anything.

    Any help please?!

    On my regular pc I use xp and I've never used Vista, so it's quite new to me, if it is a vista problem, I don't know anything about it. This was what it showed:
  2. kiolp123

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    A few steps to getting your wieless up and running:

    1) the no. one problem that people forget to check is that if their wireless button is on, check your laptop for the button or command and make sure it's on.

    2)If your router is not connected to your main PC, then do connect it, and set it up, then try your laptop. Normally the wireless router has a set of instructions to follow using its manual CD installation. There should also be a specific i.p address for your router which you can access by typing into your internet browser, even if you are not recieivng any connection.

    3)Connect wireless router to laptop, but not best option, and carry out the manual installation from your laptop.

    I had a good look at your posted picture, and it is very similar to what a few of my customers have had, but one of the solutions above managed to fix their problem.

    Hope that could help.
  3. boncuk

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    Thnx, I actually didn't have a router at the time of writing yet, I couldn't connect through cable either. But the problem was with my isp, not with the pc or laptop. I had to wait one hour before I could connect a new pc to the internet. Now I have a router and both pc's are connected at the same time, which is great. Thnx for your help.
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    since its a dell laptop try holding down the Fn key and i think its F3, cant tell u atm cos im on a fuijitsu laptop, but it should have an image of an antenna transmitting in blue.

    next thing is if its off try switching it on, and if your using a wired connection, try disabling the wireless transmitter (Fn+f3?) then maybe that should allow you to connect to the tinternet, as i have had this problem previously with my old dell laptop and it seemed to work for me:d

    thats all i can think of atm, but maybe vista has something to do with it, which is why i suggest downgrading or upgrading depends which way you look at it back to Xp which is much more reliable and demands much less from your computer

    hope it helps
  5. Tedster

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    1. check to see if it is ON - both physically and in hardware. If you have a functio button to turn it on, ensure that it is on. Also ensure the device is powered on.
    2. check your hardware to ensure drivers are installed and the device is recognized.
    3. check your software to ensure it is recognized.
    4. check your signal

    once all 4 are ruled out - then you have determined it is a hardware issue.
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