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Apr 3, 2011
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  1. Hseyy. Short story is I just got a new mobo, CPU and ram, and as of now the mobo won't boot. Long story is:

    -I had a 939 socket gigabyte board with amd athlon +3200.
    -I just got a new gigabyte mobo (880GMA-UD2H) and an amd phenom II, along wit 2x2g sticks of appropriate ddr3 ram.
    -I just finished hooking the new parts, put my old vid card, same connections.
    -When I turn on the computer the fans start up, but no beeps and no loading of anything.
    -Now I'm not totally experienced with mobo replacement, but I know SOME. I feel like because of this, its possible I missed something or didn't hook up something.
    (I should note that I formatted my drive just before I hooked up my new hardware.)
    -The video card fan wasn't going initially at all, and it seems the other fans are like not powered fully - my PSU is 500w and was working fine previously.
    -There is one major thing I did differently, and that is in the main power connectors...instead of hooking the 24pin and 4pin cables up like they were in my old mobo(only 20 and 4), I attached the extra cables from my PSU together to fill the larger power inputs (20+4 and 2x4) of the new mobo. I don't know if that makes any difference at all, though.
    -It seems like when I power up everything is going how it should and led is good, but nothing connects to my monitor. The hdd sounds like its trying to go, but nothing.
    -Like I said I'm kinda noob when it comes to the techncal things, I just hope nothing is permanently damaged for whatever reason.

    Any input/suggestions would really help.
    Thanks a lot!
  2. Wesablo

    Wesablo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    Anyone got any ideas? Suggestions?
  3. Route44

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    Here is a simple and sometimes tedious diagnostic approach but often very effective.

    1. Uninstall/disconnect all hardware except Power Supply to motherboard, the cpu, and once stick of memory.

    2. Boot up and if remains booted up then shut down and one piece of hardware -- just one. Again, boot up and if the same results occur then shut it down and repeat.

    * This is a good way of determining where the issue may lie. Tell us of your power supply: make and purported wattage it is to supply.
  4. Wesablo

    Wesablo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    Thank you for the response!

    I have an Ultra Xfinity 500w ATX PSU. It's got the 4pin + 12v and 20/24 pin Mobo connectors which are both basically is split into two pieces for use with older mobos, like my 939 and then the two snap together for I guess higher power demanding mobos like the one I just got. I snapped them together to fit the mobo power connections. I'll try what you said.

    Here's a link to my psu - K
    exact voltage and output, cept mines blue.
  5. Wesablo

    Wesablo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    Well, sorry about the delay - what you offered was exactly what I was looking for, something I could just use as a troubleshoot and figure out what the heck is up. Stupidly, after I asked I realized in the back of the mobo manual is a troubleshoot guide. Though it didn't exactly help me, I ended up finding out what was wrong.

    Trivial problem, but enough to mess me up nonetheless. One of the tower connections in the front panel header was installed with reversed polarity. Once I disconnected it, the system POSTed right up and everything is good now. Thanks very much for the help!
  6. Route44

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    Ah, good! It is good to hear this tried and true diagnostic procedure works for people. Thanks for this piece of information as well. Good for the data bank.

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