New motherboard, CPU, and PSU. MOBO lights up, fans don’t spin, computer won’t turn on.

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Feb 22, 2018
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  1. Just built a new computer with a new ASRock z270 extreme 4, a new Corsair 850 way, a new iCORE 7 unlocked, and new Corsair vengeance DDR4 2x8gb ram.

    So the motherboard lights up, but when I go to turn it on the fans don’t spin (PSU, case fans, CPU fan.. none of them) and the computer doesn’t boot. I’ve checked the connectors several times. I also took out the PSU and plugged it in to another computer and it works just fine since that was my first suspect. Needless to say I’m assuming it’s the motherboard itself, however any other opinions would be great.

    I’m about to take everything out and do a complete reinstall though my hopes it’ll miraculously change something are slim.

    Any thoughts?
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    You probably bought Coffee Lake CPU that does not work with z270 motherboards.

    Next time buy AMD to avoid problems like that.
  4. Can we have your complete system it would be helpful in identifying system compatibility issues.

    Example: (bad example) CPU iCore 7; (good example) Intel Core i7-4790K

    Your CPU "New iCore 7 has a bunch of models.....we need to know which one exactly. As that series CPU requires the Z370 series mobo.

    If "HardReset" is will need to exchange your mobo out from the Z270 series to the Z370 series.
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    "Any thoughts?" Possible your motherboard has BIOS version which does not support the CPU 'yet' and needs to upgrade in order to work. I've messed this up a couple of times, so I confirm BIOS version along with checking QVL.

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