New motherboard install, system will not post. Any suggestions

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Feb 10, 2005
  1. I currently have a 1.60 GHZ P4 on a pV4xasd2 VIA Mobo, brand new power supply purchased a month ago with two 256mb DDR Ram sticks. I recently attempted to install a newly purchased intel 865GBF mobo, but after install system would not boot (fans spin, but no post) all supplies meter check ok, monitor ok etc. I then replaced the original mobo and it too would not boot/post. (tested both with only the CPU and Ram installed). At this point I suspected that I had damaged the CPU so I took it too the local shop to have tested in a known good system...tested OK. I did read something in the material of the intel Mobo on a potential differentiation (and thus incompatibility) with the 1.60 P4 that I have and a 1.60a? I've ensured that all the standoffs are OK (not grounding to the chassis)

    Any ideas?
  2. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    Does this motherboard take the 4-pin power directly to the board (secondary power for the cpu specific)? Make sure that's in otherwise you'll not boot. Is the cpu fan spinning? Did you properly apply a good thermal paste to the cpu before installing the heatsink/fan assembly?

    Just a few things to check.
  3. brianwolters

    brianwolters TS Rookie

    My goodness..I am having the same exact problem. And I have a P4 1.6 Gig Chip. However, it doesn't work on my old MB either anymore. I have a new one which should arrive tomorrow. I've tried new RAM, new VIDEO card, new Power Supply, 2 different new MB' it just powers up fans and drives and NOTHING. I've posted my issue on here with no luck. If the new CPU doesn't resolve it, I am at a loss then.
  4. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the interest and quick reply. The new intel 865GBF motherboard does have the 4pin CPU core power 12V supply molex, and I did attach. The VIA (original) motherboard does not. Oh, and at all times as mentioned the cpu fan was spinning. After I got the cpu back from being tested I reapplied heat sink compound/thermal paste when reinstallling it into the VIA p4vxasd2 motherboard (I did'nt scrape off the old paste though, and it has had a do not remove price tag looking sticker since I first installed it a few years ago).


    You noted that you are having the same problem...thats fascinating...I had placed an order for a new CPU myself suspecting that I had damged the original one. My suspicion now, and i cant imagine it could be, is that I have damaged both motherboards. I will certainly post as soon as i get the matter resolved and maybe between our two problems we can shed some light into this...of course iwth the help of many other of the tech savvy minds that appear throughout this forum (I wish I new about this place long ago...)

  5. brianwolters

    brianwolters TS Rookie

    Well, it has been a fustrating issue..especially since I use Quicken and need access to it!! Ha. I just find it odd that new components seem to yield the same results, so the CPU is about the last thing to check.

    I would think it would still POST with a bad CPU..I know a lot about system building but maybe not everything.

    When my CPU arrives tomorrow and I put it in and it does nothing at all, I will be at a total loss. Really.

    I think the root cause was a bad PSU. It did have a rather nasty, leaky capacitor and it was making very noticable revving noises from the fan. So it could have fried something. But it really doesn't appear to be the motherboard or my components or RAM. Pointing to the CPU now.
  6. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    OK I am lost here ..YOu said you took your chip to a local shop and it was ok?? this points to powersupply or motherboard itself .. Test the powersupply remove it from atx connector and test the voltages if you do not have the proper test stuff take it ot a computer shop to test it.. Your lights will come one without 12 volts .. I bet it a bad ps check it out.
  7. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    Also, the fans WILL spin up without the 5V rail....but that's what powers your cpu. I just had the same issue here and it slipped my mind until tbrunt3 mentioned it.
  8. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I checked all of the voltages last night (with the exception of the 12V output that is not used in the VIA motherboard), but i meter tested it while it was attached to the load (motherboard powered up). I find it a bit puzzling that because all of the voltages meter check just fine (including the 5V rail)I will recheck all of the gozintas and comesoutas of the powersupply (disconnected) tonight especially that which is going to the 4 pin molex connector which appearnatly supples the 12V processor core voltage on the Intel board. It would be fantastic news if it is just the power supply!! You guys have been a lot of help, I am learning a ton from all of your inputs and shared experience. As for the tools, I must admit that my arsenal for PC troubleshooting is a bit lacking, but since I have been an electronics/engineering tech for fifteen years I've collected alot of non-pc specific tools such as multimeter, ampmeter, soldering iron, crimp tools etc... even an 'ole simpson 260 and a hp o-scope but I lack some appearant necessaties for working on pc's such as a post card (I think it may be my next purchase.)
  9. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    OK keep us posted what I actually wanted was a test with ATX connector pulled off of the board and plugged to wall then run the test see if your readings are the same let us know..
  10. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    When I went to test the power supply as recommended a few important questions came to mind as I unplugged the ATX connector. First, how am I to test the unit without it attached to the motherboard? I would think that powering it up by jumping the power on pin to ground (in the 20pin connector) is easy enough, but without it attached to a load will it damage the supply? (...relying heavily on your chosen quote regarding dumb questions...) Or, when you were reffering to tools did you mean that one should assume that if it is to be tested off the board that you would use a ATX Power Supply Tester (just ordered one from eBay)...sorry in advance if this is a no brainer...

    Oh, just one note. When I rechecked the various voltages I did notice that the PowerGood,Power_Good or Power_Ok signal on pin 8 measures 4.8V as apposed to 5V, but I assumed that this may vary depending on the power supply.
  11. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    Ok here we go

    1.unplug from the wall
    2. unplug the atx connector ( From power supply to motherboard)Atx power connector

    3.plug powersupply back in wall to fo your test this is how you test it no jumpers involved

    4. this power supply came with your computer or you have a manual double check the voltages as it shows it will usually be around +/-5%

    The chip worked fine on nother board correct???
  12. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, the CPU worked fine on another another motherboard

    Sorry tbrunt3, guess I am not being clear. Here are the steps I followed;

    1. unplugged power supply from the wall (removed cord from back of p/s)

    2. removed atx conector from power supply (20 pin molex, so were refering to the same conector)

    3. replaced plug to the wall (replaced cord to back of ps)

    4. switched power supply on... meter shows voltage present only on the +5VSB output on pin 9. This is as expected becasue the power supply keeps the five main DC output rails off regardless of AC input until the powersitch input (two jumpers on motherboard) pulls the active low PS_ON# TTL-compatible input low) ***as noted in the for factor documentation manual for ATX 12V power supplies found online at the website noted below)

    In a nutshell...unless the Power_Ok signal on pin 8 measuring 4.8V as apposed to 5V is telling. The power supply appears OK.


    (as a refereance to the proper ATX 12V p/s opperation i am using the actual ATX form factor manual found online at developer%5Cspecs%5CATX12V_1_3dg.pdf)
  13. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    ok but do have 12v on this power supply ?? I see you have 5v and 3v but do you have 12 votls anwhere if not this here is the problem

    this will kinda tell you what takes what power..


    OLDER CPU 20-40W +3.3V

    ATHLON XP, 60-90W +12V
    ATHLON 64

    MOTHERBOARD 20-30W +3.3V,+V AND 12V

    RAM 20W per 256 +3.3v

    PCI CARD 5-10W +5V

    AGP VIDEO 20-50W +5VAND/OR+12V
    (3.3VFROM MOBO)

    CPU CASE FAN 2-4W +12V

    5,4000RPM HDD 5-10W +5AND +12V

    7,2000RPM HDD 5-15W +5AND +12V

    10,000RPM HDD 5-20W +5 AND +12V

    FLOPPY 5 W +5 AND +12V

    CD/DVD DRVE 10-20W +5 AND +12V


    LED 1W EACH +12 OR +5
  14. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thats great info on the various voltages...fantastic in fact. I have added that to my notebook of valuable info.

    On the +12V Power Connector (4 Pin Molex not used on the old motherboard but used on the new intel board) I have +12V present on pins 3&4.

    On the ATX connector I have +12V present on pin 10 and -12V present on pin 12

    Oh and the 12V is also present on pin1 of the Peripheral Power connectors (drive power connectors, etc.) and pin 4 of the little 4pin floppy power connector.

  15. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    ok power supply seems fine dude ! I look at moterboard now we have ruled out a ps cpu becuse it worked on a nother system there maybe a compacitor problem or perhaps a hdd problem .. Just thought if this after i reread what you wrote DID YOU install your new motherboard drivers a intel board will support any intel chip in that line ..IF the chip now is a socket 478 there should be no problems the chip you are placing in there is a socket478 right???
  16. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, both cpus are scoket478 the original is a 1.6G P4 an d the one that just arrived two days ago is a 2.4G Prescott P4 but I am awaiting a better heatsink to install it after all I have been reading about heat issues that come along with the 1MB cache. I am also a bit leery of installing the new CPU into the New intel Motherboard, as I was unable to get it to post with the old CPU.

    You mentioned that I should install the new motherbaord drivers, or asked if I had. I havent been able to get the new intel board to post at all yet. I am now beggining to wonder if it might have had somthing to do with the Ram Configuration, because I was noting in the motherbaord spec manual that it seems to have very specific Ram configuration depending on the type of ram, and matching or unmatching ram. I had simply stuck the two 256 meg DDR sticks into Dimms 1&2. If I had the ram installed incorrectly, could that cause the system to not post do you think???

    Dumb question, by unmatching Ram are they reffering ton frewuency, size or both? Or am I way off on this?
  17. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    MAtched ram means the same type of ram in each dimm slot .. For example DIMM 1 HAs brand X ram 256meg stick this same brand x 256 meg has to be on rest of the DIMM slots so you have. IF there is no post at this still motherboard related .Do have any beeps or nosie at all from BIOS they send a beep code where as Asus boards basically tells you the problem....
  18. larholl

    larholl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No beep codes, unfortuinately. I think this makes sense because all of my expreinee has shown that if ram is impoperly seated or connected you do receive a beep code typically(which would pretty much make my last wuestion silly I guess, but I do appreciate the matching RAM informnation). And as I mentioned earlier, I have tested it with everything dsiconenected, which of course brings me back to the motherbaord and power supply, as discussed earlier. ANd since we have pretty much ruled out the power supply, and the CPU tests ok it may very well be the motherbaord itself. Other than testing the motherboard in a known good system, and using a post card to dtermine where it fails is their anything else a local shop will do to diagnose the board? If thats all they can do than I should be able to do the same here I would think???

  19. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    IF you have a post card this is all basically a shop can do.. get another board
  20. jo1lygrngiant

    jo1lygrngiant TS Rookie

    I've been reading this thread with avid interest. The only thing I can think of, is that the mobo itself is gone kaput. I recently built a top spec pc for a customer, and after buying the mobo, not the one mentioned in this thread i have to add.

    I always do a test, before installing the board in the case, which comprises, of graphics card, memory, cpu, and heatsink, and psu. All plugged in, I short 2 pins on the board, to make sure it gets up to post. On most occasions, this works fine, but on this top spec pc, it didnt, no beep codes, nada, turns out the motherboard itself was gone.

    All im trying to say, is its the last thing thats left, so it has to be this. Send it back, on a RMA, and get a new one off them :)

    Hope this is of some help

    be safe nige :)
  21. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    THe computer takes 3 parts mimum to post these are RAM CPU and video card if your not posting at all i think the mothrboard is is bad if all the above did not work and none of the big three are showing up what they all have in common is the motherboard itself.
  22. brianwolters

    brianwolters TS Rookie

    Well, I made a few posts on this issues was very much like ended up being a bad CPU due to a failing Power Supply.
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