New motherboard not working

The obvious issue that I am having is my CPU is an AMD 3000 series and my motherboard is only currently 2000 ready. I need to update my bios with an older model CPU, which I can get done as well, but my real question is, should my GPU still start up when I turn on my PC? I get power through it but the fans aren’t spinning. The CPU fan spins but the computer power cycles every 30 seconds or so. I’m guessing because the motherboards bios is outdated. New to this whole PC thing.

Cycloid Torus

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Look up specifications for the motherboard at the maker's website. Confirm that the CPU is on the QVL (qualified vendor list) and that the BIOS you need is available and will operate properly on the motherboard you purchased.

Contact maker/vendor to confirm - it could be problematic.