New partitions worry me

By surfersaiyan
Jul 21, 2008
  1. Guys,

    I'm looking for the best and safest ways to create partitions on my hard drive.

    If you read my past posts I had a couple of disastrous attempts by using firstly partition magic and then paragon partition manager, both of which did unexpected things to my setup causing days of stress & grief, error messages from hell and an even worse GF who couldnt use 'our' laptop! ha ha..

    Basically I wanna dual-boot BackTrack. I used a couple of different tutorials and a 60gb test hard drive. One tutorial failed miserably, couldnt get Lilo to work, error messages & so on. The other tutorial worked perfect. I used QTParted off the live disc to make ONE partition (no swaps or anything) and then used the BT2 installer to finish it off. Made a few changes to Lilo and all was set. Beautiful.

    Windows was still happy and so was BackTrack. Sweet.

    Feeling full of confidence I gave it smash on my main 120gb hard drive. But for some reason QTParted hung really badly, one BSOD later, MS CHKDSK did its magic and I was back to square-1. I later found out QTParted doesnt like bigger hard drives.

    So, after a song & dance, I just want to make maybe a 5~8gb partition on my hard drive and then i'll just use the BT2 installer to finish it off and make the changes to Lilo manually.

    Any ideas?

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