New pc now networked with other PC through wireless router and lots of problems

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Dec 26, 2005
  1. :eek: ok yesterday i got a new evesham PC for christmas , it's all good nce and fast so we gt a router to make a wireless conncetion to the main PC.

    takes a while but we finaly get the internet going on my PC and i ws able to surf the net.

    I decide to try and register bullguard (came with the Pc) it just sat there for 1 hour trying to conncect to it's server , so i'm thinking "hmm whats up here" :giddy: then i logg on windows messenger and then think , "i'll just download msn messenger sinc ei prefer it" ok i go on google and search msn messenger , and then click on the site it does not work so i think "website must be down" i then go to the main PC and it works :confused: so thats a bit confusing. then i think hmm i'll get ccleaner since it's realy good , "search and then clicks on website" emmm nope did not work too but did work on the other PC. so i'm sitting here spun outand confused over this problem. i then decide to install some games , "roller coaster tycoon 2 works fine" then i try to install guild was "nope didn't work" it's a online games and could not connect to the server to start to downlaoding the updates it needs before installing. kind of reminds me of bullguards problem. ok so i'm realy realy confused here HELP! . please. why is it that i can surf the net but not acces certain parts there is no parentl controls or anything , it just doesn't work on some sites , and it does not connect to certain things. ican download videos and even installers (well i downloaded mozilla firefox) but not some of the others.
  2. Problemo

    Problemo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok a little more info , the internet is being run by aol , we are on aol silver , i have not installed aol on my pc that has this problem , but i can still surf , why does it not let me connect to certain servers and websites :confused:
  3. Problemo

    Problemo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wagggagagaaa :knock: it wont even let me acces from this pc!! :(
  4. Problemo

    Problemo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    emmm is anyone going to help me :dead:
  5. MetalX

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    I had a problem like this on my old WinXP 450 mhz comp(lol). I tried everything for about 4 months then i just reinstalled Winblows (ahem, Windows). Try that because it usually solves things like that.
  6. Problemo

    Problemo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i only just got the pc yesterday [PC] :knock: gah!
  7. Problemo

    Problemo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OMG i'm going insane trying to find otu what the heck is wrong with the PC!!!!!!! gahh!! i cant acesss for aol instant messenger gagaggagaaaa!!!! :eek: :eek: :confused: :giddy: :hotbounce :knock:
  8. SultanGris

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    whenever you get a new computer the very first thing you should do is a complete format and reinstall of windows xp.

    when you get a computer, they always bundle it with a bunch of worthless(most of it) software that you dont need, and that will cause you problems,

    read an interesting article lately, cant remember where, about these guys who ordered a midgrade Dell gaming rig and out of the box it woulnt run the most popular games cause they had it set to start 20 programs that you dont need.

    but that being said, it should still work,

    what kind of router is it? is the first PC connected to the same router?

    stock out of the box the window firewall is probably on, and possibly a second firewall like mcaffe, or norton, what other programs are running in your sys tray, or task manager under properties if you know how to check that/what to look for.
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