New startup aims to transfer people's consciousness into artificial bodies so they can live forever


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As advancements in technology continue at an ever-increasing pace, will there ever come a day when we’ll be able to use science to cheat death? Australian startup company Humai seems to think so; it claims to be working on a way to transfer a person’s consciousness into an artificial body after they’ve died.

“We want to bring you back to life after you die,” says Humai CEO Josh Bocanegra on the company’s website. “We’re using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out. This data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures.”

In an interview with Australian Popular Science, Bocanegra said: “We'll first collect extensive data on our members for years prior to their death via various apps we're developing.” After death, the company will cryogenically freeze members’ brains until the technology is fully developed, at which point the brains will be implanted into an artificial body.

“The artificial body functions will be controlled with your thoughts by measuring brain waves. As the brain ages we'll use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells. Cloning technology is going to help with this too.”

Will death always be inevitable? We don't think so.

Posted by Humai on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bocanegra believes, somewhat optimistically, that his company will be able to resurrect the first human within the next 30 years. At the moment, Humai only has four staff but it is looking to recruit more members over the coming months.

A lot of what Humai says is pretty vague when it comes to precise details, and the company seems to be relying on a lot of scientific breakthroughs being made in the near future.

Bocanegra, meanwhile, doesn’t come from a scientific background. He describes himself as "a serial entrepreneur, technology visionary and internet marketer" on his website. Before he started Humai, Bocanegra set up an Airbnb-Meets-OKCupid dating app called LoveRoom that lets two people live together for a week to see if they would be romantically compatable.

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Uncle Al

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ROFL ..... Hmmmmmm, I have a few hillbilly friends that just LOVE brains & eggs for breakfast .... I'll be sure to pass it on!


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Here we go again, man playing God. The sad thing is that some people will believe them and dump their hard earned cash on them not realising they're doing absolutely nothing but running a scam. Even if they weren't and it was possible, who wants to live forever anyway?


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Let's be honest, we as humanity cannot even produce GAMES that are stable / playable on release. Imagine being "buggy" when first uploaded to this new consciousness and being able to think only of acorns. SLOWLY thinking.
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Also, worth mentioning: even in theory this is NOT immortality, from what I've read in this article. This transferred consciousness would be a copy, so you'd still feel pretty dead with your digital copy kicking around.
Well...A head transplant is planned sometime in the next few years, I kid you not, a real head removed from a diseased body will be attached to a healthy body whose head, obviously, suffered a fatal injury. Attaching nerve fibers to electronics is possible and with the experienced gained from near future head transplants, at least for the living, attaching heads to robots will be possible.

The big problem with this start ups idea is freezing the brain and so far companies that do this run into many problems. One of the complications is getting a certified medical person who can declare the individual dead in time, particularly if the person is being cared for at home. Another big problem is the freezing process requires chemicals to prevent damage to the cell brains. These chemicals take time to be absorbed and not all cells end up absorbing them.

And finally the biggest problem: If you where Einstein there would be a huge public interest in reviving him, but for the average Joe or Jane that would not be the case. Also consider that such frozen individuals brought back to life will lack the modern skills sets of the era they are awoken in, so whose responsibility is it to educate them? Not only that but a person declared as dead, with a death certificate, may not have the same rights as the living...Something to think about...
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Hahahahahah this joke make my day hahaha ,,, come on stop playing with the mind of the *****s lol


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I remember watching something about the ethics of imprisonment on cyborgs,
300 year sentences could be fully served, With the outer body switched off and your mind imprisoned within.

TED talk I think.
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I attempted to get this started in 1992 but couldn't get anyone to believe me. It was soon after I published my paper on photonic neural networks that I approached an attorney in Amherst Ma about this idea, but could not get any interest in pursuing it. Yet another idea that got stole from me. The US government gave away patent protection, so I now have no recourse
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This concept have been a running sub plot in the CBS drama, "Scorpion", for some time running. Walter O'Brien's sister was dying of MS, and he was doing research to save her consciousness into a computer.

I guess you don't have to go very far to generate the "next big rip off". Just park your a** on the sofa, and watch network TV....:D

The sister finally was allowed to "die with dignity" last week. Which amounts to a sensible decision for the ratings, as who wants to watch that drag on for months on end.

The actress who played the part, has my condolences for the loss of a paycheck...:'(

Footnote: This crap is hardly even news. There have been operations in the past with similar shtick. Somebody really famous got their head hacked off and frozen.

Then too, wasn't this the whole premise behind the Sci-Fi channel's, (rapidly cancelled), "Caprica"? The backstory of how the "The Cylons" came to be? :eek:

So here ya go, yesterday's news:

"Bocanegra, meanwhile, doesn’t come from a scientific background. He describes himself as "a serial entrepreneur, technology visionary and internet marketer".

"Serial entrepreneur" huh? In terms of pop singer / guitarist / nuisance "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince". I guess that would make Bocanegra, "The Artist Formerly Known as Bulls**t"...:D
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I hate to tell these people but it's not them that is living forever. It's a copy of them, they will still die.

Raoul Duke

From what I have read/heard in neuroscience and philosophy of mind, they think it will be hundred's of years before we understand things like consciousness etc. and this guy is talking about not just understanding but performing it in about 30 years!!
I think Arris has a much more likely prediction of finding the thawed out brains in dumpsters in about 30 years time.
If you like anime, check out the "Ghost in the Shell" movie.


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I think Arris has a much more likely prediction of finding the thawed out brains in dumpsters in about 30 years time.
If you like anime, check out the "Ghost in the Shell" movie.
Hey, if you're credit card gets declined, the electricity goes off, and that's the poop which is likely to happen.

Since crime and punishment should have proportional values, they should take this guy "blackmouth's" (*) brain out, cast it in a Lucite globe, and drill 3 finger holes in it.

If he can take out someone's brain and put it into a robot, then he should be able to pick up a 7 -10 split as well...:cool:

(*) Yup, that's the literal translation of, "Bocanegra"