Newbie First post about collabaration of 2 monitors and video cards

By Unemployable
Mar 21, 2007
  1. Hey everyone, i recently bought a LCD monitor Samsung SyncMaster 931b to go with my Ati Radeon 9600. Installed it but didn't get the results expected. The monitor is not what is expected at all. Here is how i know why.

    I also bought a another monitor SyncMaster 941bw to go on with a PCI card that i also just bought which is ATI Radeon 7k. I did this because i wanted to run 2 monitors at the same time. Well now i got the chance to compare, and i see how much this crispier and brighter this 941bw on Radeon 7k really is. Its perfect..
    Many of my friends claimed that my 931b didn't function properly, but i insisted it was good, still having doubts though. I don't know what to do to make my 931b better, everyone on the forums and all my research shows that it clearly should be putting a better image that iam getting right now.

    Please help let me know what i can use to tweak my 931b with my ATI radeon 9600.

    Thank you very much guys and sorry if this post is newbish, my first post
  2. Nodsu

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    Are you running the monitor at its native resolution and the recommended refresh rate? LCDs only give you a decent picture at a certain resolution.

    You could also swap the monitors to see if the problem is with your video card.
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