NICs not working Windows 7 Error 31, this one is weird


I got a weird one for you guys and I literally have tried everything can think of so I am hoping someone has some new fresh ideas. I have a Dell Latitude E6430 that can no longer connect via wired or wireless connections. Both adapters display yellow exclamation marks next to them, and in the properties of both adapters says Windows cannot install because the drivers are not recognized Error 31. Both adapters are also missing from the adapter page in network settings. I have download the most recent versions of the driver and installed, no luck. I have downloaded previous version of the driver from dell and installed, no luck. I download the driver directly from Intel and installed, no luck....Tried a BIOS update, nothing. Tried to reset to defaults nothing. So I decided I would rebuild the machine, and SURPRISE that worked, for a week and then the problem started again. So my first thought is well maybe its a bad motherboard, so I swapped the HDD with another Dell E6430, boot it up and both connections are working....In the laptop with the drive from the bad laptop it can no longer connect now, so the problem is related to windows and follows the drive. Does anybody have any idea whats happening hear...? I am all tapped out of ideas. Thanks let me know if you need any additional info!

Dell E6430
Windows 7 Enterprise


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"so the problem is related to windows and follows the drive"... Re-install Windows on this drive. Error 31 relates to a bad driver that may be reflected in the device manager