Audio No audio device found after installing new GTX 430


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Hey guys, an issue I've been struggling with all evening here.

Today I upgraded this box from onboard graphics to a Nvidia Geforce GT 430 and also installed the 260.99 graphics drivers from the main Nvidia site.

the motherboard is from the Foxconn G31MX series of boards (775 chipset).

The OS is Windows 7 Professional

After installing the new graphics card and drivers, my sound device was replaced with a non-functional Nvidia HD audio device, I have uninstalled this and installed the windows 7 drivers from foxconns support site.

Still no audio device !

Any help would be much appreciated.


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If you see any yellow exclamation marks in the device manager, delete these and restart the PC. See if the sound returns


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Does the mobo manual tell you if you need to change BIOS settings when installing a discrete video card? Did you?

Did you check or change any of the audio settings on the nvidia device? Did it have a test button?


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Go back to check the Nvidia site. There should be High Def Audio drivers from Nvidia for that addon card to support sound output to the card's HDMI port (sounds like you only have the Nvidia grapics drivers installed for the card)

You should also have the option of both onboard and offboard sound if you check your BIOS settings and look for Onboard Audio. Typically (or at l least on my Dells), a setting like
= Onboard - will leave onboard enabled even when BIOS detects an addon card, so you get both on both onboard on addon sound available
= Automatic - BIOS will disable onboard when addon card detected. So windows only sees the addon card sound