No beep signal, I think ive tried everything

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Jan 20, 2008
  1. my mobo is a MSI k8n Neo4
    my video card is a Nvidia 7900 GS
    my power supply is an Apevia 680w Beast Power

    about 3 months ago my computer started to get hard to turn on, it would do the normal beeps and stuff but then get stuck at the windows xp loading screen, and I would have to restart it like 5-7 times to get it to acually load up past that screen. after a few weeks of that it stoped giving me a beep all together. Everytime I tried to start it, it would just sit there, the fans would run, the cool cathode lighting would run, the video card ran, the HDs were spinning, the power supply lights up, but theres no beep signal and no video response.

    Im pretty sure nothing is loose in my system. I unplugged everything pretty much and just had my powersupply, cpu, and mobo connected, but still no beep signal. I saw a post where someone suggested to unplug the cmos battery for 15secs, I did that but still nothing.
  2. raybay

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    Beeps are usually video, or memory errors on an MSI.
    What do you consider "normal beeps and stuff?"But it appears you may have a hard drive problem, and possibly a cpu fan or thermal paste problem that needs exploration.
    There have been a number of problems with the nVidia 7900 GS... When you have more than one problem, they are all difficult to trouble shoot.
    I would go back to basics. Does your system have a floppy drive, so you can temporarily disconnect the hard drive.
    Or can you use a second hard drive to do a clean install, so you can test all this equipment without the interference of Windows, infestations, and such?
  3. silverwingz

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    I can look for another hard drive, but the second 100g hard drive I installed was new not too long ago. do you think a virus could be effecting the mobo? oh and the beep I was talking about was the bios post beep, which im not getting at all now. =(

    the heatsink and fan are working ok I think. I can see them spinning ok
  4. raybay

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    You need to figger out what that beep meant, by looking at the beep codes at the website of the motherboard manufacturer, or the computer manufacturer.
    Some are fairly generic, which you can determine with a Gurgle search.
    Press down your BIOS setup button when you first go to a cold boot, which will tell you what the BIOS brand is, and usually enough information about the model.
  5. silverwingz

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    lol I dont think you understand. there is no video signal, theres nothing getting to my monitor. and I read the codes and the signal was a normal "everythings ok" beep. im gonna make a new post, which should be on these foums, il probably name it something like computer poltergeist or something.
  6. Tedster

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    Bios beeps indicate hardware failure. Read the extensive guide in the guides forum.
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