No beep

By aldavr
Jul 6, 2005
  1. Hi
    I had brand new Motherbord(syntax)
    Prossesor AMD athlon,I instal everything ,ram, G.cardallthe wires is instled,
    Power is coming Cpu fan iswworking but no beep no signals to monitor i change my cmos batery put it back again ,take it off all dviceput back again not work
    it not mothrbord becouse it was ok in begining but after irestart once this happen,
    PLease HElp
  2. queebsalaron

    queebsalaron TS Rookie

    What would concern me is the no beep. The audible BIOS beep codes should tell you what's going on. If there's no beep and no power failure, my guess would be that it has something to do with your video card not relaying info to the monitor. Make sure the card is seated properly in the AGP slot, if it's an AGP card. If it's a PCI or PCI-E card, try changing the PCI(E) slot it's in. Make sure all your monitor cable connections are clean.

    It could also be a power supply issue. Sometimes drastically changing the mobo increases the demand on a power supply. What kind of power supply are you using, and what kind of mobo were you using it with before you upgraded?
  3. aldavr

    aldavr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm using 400PowerS,
    Cpu fun is working light is on but no beep, no post
    RAm is ok Agp card is good motherboard has power
    ?? no signal to monitor no beep and no post?
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