No Display in changing (upgrading) AMD A6 6400k APU to AMD Athlon x4 II 860k processor.

I recently have AMD A6-6400k APU processor then I ordered AMD Athlon II x4 860K online and tried to put it in exchange of my old one (which is AMD a6-6400k APU) my fan cooler, keyboard and mouse is working but no display in my monitor, I changed back into my old processor and update my bios here (
this his how I made it:
1. I downloaded it from webpage
2. enter my bios and update (it automatically rebooted after flashing into 100%)
2. I turned off my system unit again and re install my new processor (AMD Athlon II x4 860k)
but still no display.
this is my system unit specs, ( don't laugh its actually low and old 😅)

AMD a6-6400k APU
4gb x2 RAM (kingston)
PSU :65w
I hope I can get help from you guys thank you.


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Eh? You cannot get picture without GPU. And unlike your old APU, Athlon II X4 860K does NOT have integrated GPU.
Yup - this is the problem. Will need to get a graphics card if the plan is to stick with the Athlon II.