No internet after reformatting Dell

  1. Hi guys, please bear with me as I am a PC ***** :) .... My daughter got a virus on her laptop that killed it, I bought a disk off ebay that was to fix it ... I now have the laptop back on to work but no internet .. I have got as far as seeing that in device manager I have yellow warning marks all over stuff so the drivers seem to be missing .... so I got in touch with the guy I got the disk off who sent me a link to dell and a list of things to download .so I went on the dell website and clicked on them, saved them to a USB and plugged that into my daughters laptop, I then "unzipped" the files who saved themselfs into the dell drivers file .. still nothing working :/ .. please help and please no big PC words lol it really confuses me :/ lol
  2. tipstir

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    By using your service and model code you need to know which driver to get for the internal NIC LAN WLAN. otherwise it won't work. Chipset drivers too. You have DELL they have certain requirements. You could by-pass this buy getting USB WiFi Dongle instead.
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    Look in the folder with the unzipped file. Do you see a setup.exe file? If yes, then run it.

    If you still need help running those driver files, tell us the exact model of your computer and/or service tag as tipster suggested.

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