No mics work on my pc

By 0n1n3
Jan 24, 2010
  1. I have a problem with microphones. I have a plantronics gaming headset with a lime and pink plugs, not usb. I also have an old logitech headset too and I can't get the micrphone from either of the headsets to work. So I am guessing it is something in windows.

    I can't imagine what the problem is. I tried looking in volume control and audio properties for things I found off google but none of those things seem to be the problem. The mic tab is not muted in playback and I have no soundcard so I'm going through the motherboard with the ac97 drivers.

    AFAIK it should just be working, I thought my headset was going but I tried another headset and that doesn't work either.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I get sound, I just can't get any microphones to work.

    I have Windows XP and my motherboard is a Asus K8MM-V.

    Edit; I tried reinstalling the drivers. I am still using the latest vinyl ac97 drivers (7.00b). I'm out of ideas. If ANYONE has any other clues I would be VERY appreciative...
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