No Monitor Input goes to sleep....

By pcguy20
Jan 9, 2008
  1. Hi I am trying to run a Radeon 3870 HD 512MB GDDR4 HD Display but the monitor keeps going to sleep lazy monitor. It is a LCD HP w22" Which is brand new monitor I gotten last year very nice monitor. Anyways I plug the power 6pin into my videocard and then I made shure the card was lock in it was plus the fan is working ok not to loud. Then I press my I/O power switch on and also the monitor nothing just a blank screen on my LCD Monitor. So I switch my videocard back to x1600 Radeon DDR2 512MB Pro card my monitor saws it.
    So I check my BIOS screen it is pick as PCI-E which is normal even I download newest drivers from ATI.ADM site nothing. The box says it really works and I even call Visiontek which I was surprize they anwser. Anyways they say did you update the BOIS yes I did, did you download newset drivers I say yes I did.
    I guess maybe it could be bad hardware needs to be update from local pc shop etc. Thats my only option. Its no my CPU I am running on 700 Watts Intel 4 newest intel board running on double 2 core processors.
    And also running on 2GB of DDR-SDRAM memory. Every thing else is up to the date.
    I think I going to return it and get it from my local computer store see they can install cheaper HD card that has DDR2 GDDR4 should work fine. It has a power cooler on my new ATI thats why I want it. If not downgrade should not matter it is so allot newer then my old card.
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