No monitor, keyboard signal, RAM and GFX card tested and good.

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Jun 4, 2010
  1. Ritwik7

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    The only way to determine whether the CPU is causing the issue is to try and put it into a known working system.

    BTW, are you sure that your case stand-offs are in place and there's no short anywhere? How many sticks of memory do you have? Try booting with a single stick in the first memory slot.
  2. dinvex

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    My friend is taking a tech class where he could bring in a computer (and possibly score some free parts:)) and found that it was the type of DDR2 memory that was the "problem" in the second board...I didn't realize there was a difference in types of RAM beyond that little number "2". Also, just in case someone finds this thread with the same symptoms, he set up the original MoBo with another computer (with known working parts), and he got no response that was the problem after all.

    I've learned a lot in the past week, and I really appreciate the help you you two have provided me with!

    As far as the upgrade goes, would you still recommend the same parts with a 600.00 budget?
  3. Route44

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    I should have known better not to have asked about RAM because RAM may be the #1 culprit in system issues though wireless and video card drivers are right up there.

    With a budget of $600 you could do several nice upgrades. Could you possibly link us to your current case? There are probably a few peripherals you won't have to spend cash on and thus we can concentrate on making further suggestions.
  4. dinvex

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    The only info I have is that it is Antec. It says "Antec Design" on the bottom, but that probably doesn't differ considerably among Antec has 2 USB 2.0's, a firewire, and a headphone/mic jack on the front; room for about 5 HD's, and maybe two more disk drives or whatever else I would put there (there's already a DVD burner). I'm not sure if this info is helpful but I will find out anything I can about it!
  5. Ritwik7

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    Add a video card like the HD 5770 and a decent PSU. If you're still left with cash go for a better HDD. That is assuming your case is good to house all components comfortably.
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