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Mar 16, 2005
  1. I have joined so many message boards and asked so many different people but no one can seem to tell me why I have this problem. I just installed my dvd burner and when I burn the dvds they play on my PC DVD player and not in my home dvd player.
    I have tried in newer DVD players and it doesnt work, I have burned on both DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs and they dont work (even though the manual says that they will read them) and nothing seems to work.
    It is obviously burning if you can play it on the computer but why wont it work in the home dvd player?
    People have told me to finalize the DVD but there is no option to finalize with my program, DVD Cloner 2, and the dvd drive opens after it is done burning anyway so I assume that it automatically finalizes it. SOMEONE HELP MEEEE
  2. pip22

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    Although u r using discs which are compatible with a particular dvd-player, it's what you are putting on the discs which may not be compatible, hence the dvd-player cannot read them. For example, your pc will play an 'avi' file which is on a dvd, but few if any dvd-players will play it. It's possible the application u r using is not creating a proper dvd-video. DVD-cloner creates a copy of a dvd-video by compressing the original (otherwise it wouldn't fit on a single-layer DVD). It's this compressed-format which is probably causing the incompatibility (most likely it's in DivX format which requires a dvd-player which can play DivX --- these are available but by no means standard.
  3. jharpo1

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    so what do i do? do i use another software or can i adjust the settings so that it will read? If so, how do I do this? What is a good software to use and how can I get it? If there is somewhere where i can get it for free that would be even more appreciated.
  4. vegasgmc

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    Does DVD Cloner defeat the disks copy protection? If not thats probably the problem. 123 DVD Copy works great.
  5. jharpo1

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    where can i get 1,2,3 dvd copy? can i get it somewhere where i dont have to shell out 60 bucks?
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    We don't talk about such things here.

    I am not saying anything moral about it.

    Its just not the place for that.


    But ask anything you want about computing. You are most welcome.
  7. vegasgmc

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  8. blaacksheep

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    another program you might try is DVDShrink. You should be able to find it with Google and it's freeware too.
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