no post no beeps now what /renewed/

By EndgameSB
Jan 7, 2006
  1. I am Currently Having this problem. no post with no beeps. I could occassionally put prssure on mobo like pressing on heatsink and fan or making sure connections were tight adn then the biatch woould boot only to feeze randomly in games or even in bios setup. when i opened the case and pointed a vortex fan into case b/c i thought cpu was over heating it would amazingly not freeze up. so i bought a ne heatsink and fan after reappliying the goo to cpu first, only to have it still happen. so then i thought cpu was being pulled out of socket by weight of the new heatsink. I layed case on side pushed on cpu and it booted. I shutdown pc last night. I got home tonight and fans and lights still on but no monitor. reboot pc and nothing. reseated cpu and nothing, no beeps no post just fans and pwrsupply kick on. tryed cmos battery ,nothing . waiting for chaintech to get back to me on mobo to see if its warranteed but its been 1 year 2 months since i bought it, Not ram b/c i also just bought another gig and tryed old and new seperatly and no deal

    P4 3 ghz 478pin HT
    chaintech 9pjl2 appoggee was renamed to A865pe for prscott thats what i have
    500 watt pwr supply
    2gig corsair xms match pc 3200 ddr

    ohh i just tryed new pwer supply still no deal
  2. EndgameSB

    EndgameSB TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i will reply to myself. after reading some posts on simular topics of mine. I took apart my pc to find 3 extra offsets under my mobo. Renoved them and walla, an up and running PC. :wave:
  3. Jaquio

    Jaquio TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Nice to know... :D Happy Computing!!!

    Regards from Panama
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