Audio No sound caused by a Virus/Program?

Recently sound has not been coming through my speakers, so I tried to plug in headphones and headset but no further luck. I then went into control panel then sound and check the settings on my playback and nothing was touched or muted etc. I then went to the Speakers and Headphones in sound right clicked and pressed test and it said "The device is being used by another application. Please close any devices that are playing through this device." but no other applications that I could find that would be using it. My prediction is that having no internet protection for a while and downloading off the internet has caused a virus to cause my audio to become mute, if this is so how would I be able to find this application causing it. AVG isnt picking it up.


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Broni, from the Virus and Malware Removal forum doesn't think it is malware related.


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Sounds more like you may have some bad files. Try uninstall your software & driver for your sound. Then retry installing it fresh. See if this helps. If this dose not help it could be your on board sound has gone bad.