Audio No sound from speakers after formatting hard drive


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Please help folks!
Formatted my computer and now my speakers dont work. Not very computer literate but here goes:
My computer is a Packard Bell from 2004. The speakers plug into the back of the PC , green lead into green socket and the power lead goes into the back also. The speakers are on but wheni try to play a tune in Media player/you tube etc it says there is a problem with my sound device. In device manager it says my sound device is 'Modem #0 line playback(emulated)'. there are no drivers listed next to it.
I've googled my problem and found loads of threads but still cant figure it out. Many thanks in advance


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Just re-install the audio drivers... It is probably AC'97, and you will have to download them from the website of the same manufacturer that made the motherboard. The audio drivers are generic unless you have a specialty sound card.


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Ive downloaded Realteck AC'97 and restarted the computer as it said but still nothing Raybay, do i need to do anything else or should it have worked?

Sorry Raybay, i've went onto PBell website and downloading it from there instead, cheers