No Video after changed os

By zonedout98
Oct 2, 2007
  1. i used to have vista on a computer from scratch and it worked fine but i did'nt like it so i put xp media center on it and installed it into c/temp instead of c/windows to avoid losing data and it worked. then i tried installing in c/windows twice but because it gave me errors. then again i tried in c/temp and got it working. after i turned it off i turned it on a few hours later and it had no image and i manged to log in and it sounds an everything. my motherboard has no out output neither the two vga on my video card. i think it might be the driver but i'm not sure. i hope its not the motherboard.
  2. RomulusJ

    RomulusJ TS Rookie Posts: 22

    I'd go videocard driver for 1,000.

    Can you boot to safe mode and get video? If so boot to safe mode with networking. Get to internet download XP version of your video card drivers, install.

    To get to safe mode hit F8 during your boot process just after your memory check.
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