no video on radeon x800 XL

By borel84
Nov 9, 2005
  1. ok i just bought a new AW8-MAX motherboard and a new radeon x800 XL and a new HDD well i put all my parts in and when i turn on the computer i get no video on the monitor and windows is not installed yet ive tried removing the memory and reseating everything ive reset the BIOS with the jumper and by removing the battery i get a POST code of 6Fon my MBD which is "1. initialize floppy controller 2. set up floppy related fields in 40:hardware" i have no clue what that means and i dont have a floppy drive in the system ive reseated the video card and checked the power going to the video card ive tried 2 monitors on the videocard and still nothing and both the monitors wotk on my other systems this is the first system ive had with PCIE my MBD has no AGP slots or onboard video so anyone with any help would be nice thanks :confused:
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