Nokia shuts down Ovi Music Unlimited in most markets

By Jos
Jan 17, 2011
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  1. Nokia has announced that it will be shutting down its Ovi Music Unlimited service in most of the territories in which it operates by the end of the year. The offering originally debuted roughly two years ago under the “Comes With Music” moniker, bundled with a select number of handsets, as an alternative to iTunes that offered a year's worth of unlimited downloads and allowed users to keep the songs even if they didn't renew the plan.

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  2. yawn.......nothing new nokia? ehhh....failed.
  3. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    There is lots of new stuff from Nokia.

    and it kicks the *** of must other phones out there.

    Just because the american market can understand simple and logical menys and are more interested in locked down, fisher price phones with no features unless you download an app for it, doesnt meen Nokias isnt filled with features and inovative new technology.

    Android phones are really cool, but a lot of manufactures uses some old version of it . But just like Symbian, Android gives the control to the user.

    If you miss a feature or a program, write one, you dont need any approval from some guy called Steve. Or present you idea to Nokia, and if it makes sence it will most likely be added .

    How many phones gives you 12Mp camera, with a real sensor that can handle it as well, expansion possibilites both with up to 32GB memorycard, and also the possibilites to connect an external hardrive via USB to Go.
    This while you have the phone connected to a TV via HDMI, wich also gives you 5.1 dolby surround.
    Controlling it all with both a keyboard and mouse connected via bluetooth.

    While you are doing this you can share you internet connection with your friends, (without any operator removing this feature for you.)

    You can customize the layout as you want it, if you dont like the default icons, change them. If you dont like the default layout run SPB Mobile Shell, N-desk, Grid or other solution, you transformed the whole experience. With SPB you can get up to 13 startscreens, is that enough for you?

    Use FTP, share files over you Wlan directly to you computer, run SSH and connect to your linux server,

    You get free lifetime navigation, a really fast GPS positioning, great battery life for a smartphone and i almost forgot to mention the seperate GPU that lets you play 3D games without a hitch, both on the phone or on your TV

    But CWM or now called OMU was a epic fail that i never understod the purpose of.
    Not a day to soon that they close that

    can you give me an example of anything an iPhone can do that a Nokia, basic model cant do? (that is not envolving an app written by someone else)

    And Android phone, is there something you can do on these that you cant do on an Nokia Smartphone? This one i'm more interested in, because Android phones have some damn cool features, but also there, is should preferably be something not done by a third party app. It should do it out of the box, would be more interesting

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