non bootable emulation

By Optimus
Jun 28, 2006
  1. This is a first time post for me. so go easy on me.

    I am trying to install XP pro onto an advent laptop.

    It's my brothers and he is not sure what he did, there was nothing of
    any great importance on it, as he was only using it for presentations,
    any data recovery is irrelevant as he uses an external HD (just as well ehh).

    He cannot find the recovery disks that came with it.
    I was trying to put XP pro onto it and I was getting the error "non bootable emulation" then nothing , it just hangs. I don't get as far as the install screen.

    I used ubuntu to access the disk and wiped the drive, I have noticed
    there is a small partition around 1GB .I am guessing this is where XP is
    installed. There is no floppy drive.

    Really my questions are:

    How can I get around this emulation error?

    Could I wipe the small partition, merge then install XP pro?

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.
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