Not able open EXE files!

By Marun
May 21, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    I am facing a strange problem for couple of weeks. Am not able to open any EXE files.
    Wat could be the problem????
    I have Kaspersky internet security......
    Not even able to open notepad:mad:
    No applications are getting load during the starup too...:dead:
    plzzzzzz help me guys..
  2. zeroxzero

    zeroxzero TS Rookie

    hohoho grat to u it is a virus infection if i not mistaken

    this is common cause of this situation(try be4)

    most of the virus now have the ability to shut ur anti-virus down(spyware is more coomon)

    did this situation happen after u click something download from internet????
    if yes it is a spyware

    u should do something right after the problem occur

    did ur computer slowdown compare to be4 u get this problem???
  3. Marun

    Marun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi dude,

    I tried to download a song from a link which i got by google.
    The song got downloaded and everything was fine.
    But after a reboot the problem started.
    No applications were opened during the startup including my Kaspersky.
    I was not able to open any DOCs also.
    Am opening IE thru My Computer window.

    I am able to enter into REGEDIT thru SAFEMODE with command prompt.
    Is there anything i can do with REGEDIT to resolve this???:confused:
  4. zeroxzero

    zeroxzero TS Rookie

    so it seem like u are really download something from internet har.......

    if u post this right after u get the infection i should be able to help u....

    cause i having experience from getting spyware and it will malfuction ur anti-virus(replce ur anti-virus start-up EXE with a fake one)

    i not sure ur computer is virus infection or spyware

    my trick is like that:
    1.i go safe mode try to found out the date that i get the spyware, i search all file that being created in that day and i delete them all.(this step is to delete most of the file that will become a virus downloader)

    2.of cause not all file can be deleted since they run right at the startup of window even n safe mode,try to open tast maneger to terminate all strange or unusual .then i download a anti-spyware to delete them.(the register part i cannot help u since mine still having problem and i just ignore them)
    ***but ur problem is ur computer having the infection for quite a long time so this trick will delete the file being created in this period***

    are ur computer slowdown???

    ya,u can also try to use my trick.delete all file that same day with the song u have downloaded.(do in safe mode)

    cause i not so familar with the window register part so i cant really help u much...Zzz

    try the trick see does it work or not(maybe a virus block u from run exe staff)
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